Our Brand

    Each flower contains a universe. In three different women exist three different personalities, be it of sensibility,sense, or caprice. The force of fusion found in the language of flowers is filled with imagination, akin to the passage into the world of tea armed with flower-like dazzling pleasantness. We thus create this tea brand, POITC-C, to share with the world the charm of our island tea.


Orange Rose

   The sensibility of an orange rose injects light into life and puts a spark in your eyes. It brings you knowledge and beautifies your soul. Different angles reveal different perspectives. With an orange rose comes blissfulness. Emerge out of a compelling fairy tale and plant yourself a rose. Let it be the most gentle and pretty rose for women. The rose in each of us, its beauty irreplaceable and unknown to all, has long been seen as the embodiment of beauty and amour, representing eternal and special love.


   The sense of May Paeony prompts the flower to stand out in full bloom amid those coming to the end of their season while holding itself up like a lady with multifaceted charm. Paeony reflects a nice reddish glow to the face of spring with a faint fragrance and jade-like smoothness. Paeony fairies are kind, romantic and self-effacing, yet with a noble, diligent and pragmatic character and personality, fully exuding the beauty of the intellect.


Dendrobium Nobile

   Dendrobium Nobile is like a capricious beauty poised in her own insolent arrogance, yet filled with wild thoughts even when time and space have come to a standstill, perplexed. At times, it brings you bliss and warms your heart like an angel, and at other times, it can be seen startlingly swaying and tipsy. It holds indisputably profound depth of emotions while awaiting a glorious encounter. Why would one be so awake? To fare in life, place yourself as top priority 30% of the time and have others in mind the rest of the time. Reading an article, skim through 30% of the time and savor it the rest of the time. Being suitably clueless at the fitting moment will add to the pleasure of life.