Our Ideas
In Gentleness We Pledg

1.  Source quality premium toxin-free tea grown naturally by organic certified eco-friendly tea farmers.

2. Our environmentally sustainable values ensure that all packaging is designed for repeated use.

3.  From advanced scientific angles and based on health-oriented values, we offer acute and exclusive  evaluation in differentiating the good tea from the bad. 

4. In compliance with strict international hygiene safety standards to rigorously safeguard the quality of our tea  packaged with high specifications by our processing contractors.

5. We pay attention to tea’s benefits on health and allow for friendly dialogues between the environment, tea and humans.

6. Our passion for this island’s art and culture and our pursuit of tea as a life aesthetics will inject precious value into the tea.

Pride and Persistence

   We look over to the world from a flip-over viewpoint, and with an attitude of persistence, we can always find the light amid darkness. Fear not in face of combat to speedily shake the world. Each and every courageous comeback is a second coming of a magnificent self. Tea is seen repeatedly dotting through different space-time continuums, and tea fragrance is a smell that is always trust-worthy and deserves to be retrieved.